Managing virtual teams made easy

eduTEAMS enables members of the research and education community to create and manage virtual teams and securely access and share common resources and services using federated identities from eduGAIN and trusted Identity Providers

Community Managers

  • A central point for the community to manage its user membership, to connect Identity Providers and Service Providers and to define and apply access and sharing policies
  • Secure access and sharing of common resources and services
  • Secure user authentication and identification
  • Group and role management
  • VO management


  • Sign in to services with existing identities via eduTEAMS
  • First class support of eduGAIN Identity Providers
  • Support for the Research and Scholarship entity category, Code of Conduct and Sirtfi to support scalable authorisation
  • Support for a wide range of external Identity Providers, such as ORCID and Google
  • Support for web and non-web based services - access to HTTP APIs
  • Account linking


Benefits of using eduTEAMS


Sharing common resources

eduTEAMS enables research communities to securely access and share common resources, using existing federated identities and leveraging the ubiquitous presence of eduGAIN federated identities


Managing teams

eduTEAMS enables communities to securely authenticate and identify their users, organize them in groups, assign them roles and centrally manage access rights for their resources


eduGAIN and non-eduGAIN IdPs

eduTEAMS supports a wide range of non-eduGAIN identity providers, such as social networks, community identity providers, corporate federated identity management systems and other platforms


eduTEAMS provides a "Turn-key solution for creating and managing Community AAIs following the AARC Blueprint Architecture."

There are three eduTEAMS OFFERINGS. Please contact us at for more information.

If you want to see how the eduTEAMS service works, you can register and then request for a demo Virtual Organization.

eduTEAMS Service

Provided by GÉANT to small and medium sized communities who want to get started with their virtual collaborations and take full advantage of the federated access without having to deal with the complexity of operating and supporting their own AAI. Supports multiple communities on the same platform. Provides everything required in order to securely collaborate and use services available to the GÉANT community and European Open Science Cloud.

eduTEAMS Dedicated

For communities requiring full control of their AAI, GÉANT can host and operate their own, dedicated AAI Service powered by the eduTEAMS technology. Communities can rely on the operational capabilities and expertise of GÉANT, while they are in full control of the policies, configuration and branding of their AAI.

eduTEAMS Bespoke

For those communities who require tailor-made functionality, such as integration with custom back-office and front-office systems, new features or enhancing their existing AAIs with new functionality available in eduTEAMS, GÉANT can provide bespoke solutions based on the eduTEAMS technology, which can include a combination of consultancy, development and hosting of the service.

Join the eduTEAMS platform


Virtual Organisations

The eduTEAMS Membership Management Services (MMS) provide you with the ability to create VOs, manage these VOs, invite users to collaborate, manage registration flows, organise users to groups and assign them roles and resource entitlements as needed within your collaborations.


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